What our material take-off services can include.

Utilizing On-Screen take-off software makes for an accurate material list. Digital prints come in PDF format and make it easier to check for errors while creating the list.

Our material lists can comprise of any of the following. You can pick and choose, or get the whole package. The only thing is that the plans must have the information needed to give you tan accurate list.

  • Wood Framing *
  • Most hardware *
  • Siding *
  • Exterior decking/porch materials *
  • Windows & Doors (If manufacturer is not shown, generic windows/doors are chosen for size and location)
  • Drywall, wall finish *
  • Interior Trim, Interior doors, interior door hardware *
  • Roofing. *
  • Insulation *
  • Floor Finishes *
  • Paint or Stain (Primer, 2 coats paint, or stain, application specs must be given)
  • Concrete/ Masonry
  • Specialties

Type and specifications must be on the plans = *

A complete list of materials can be generated quickly because of the formulas running in the background. This allows for a more accurate take-off

A material list is very important when it comes to any project. This list enables you to get specific pricing, maybe even find the best overall savings on an entire package. It also lets you know what is required, in material, to actually build your project.

Material lists are the basic foundation to all of your estimating, budget and purchasing needs. Contact us today to get started on your project.