On-Demand purchasing services helps the contractor that isn’t large enough to have a dedicated staff, but needs help they can afford and rely on.

Elevation drawings convey the style of the house and the materials used on the exterior and can also aid in height requirements.

Purchasing is tricky. It requires scheduling the job out then going back and adding in the correct time to order the materials and get the subcontractors out to the site on time.

We have the ability to set up your vendors and subcontractors in such a way that we can go over the project timeline with you and keep the materials rolling. We can generate purchase orders, ready to send out upon your approval so you keep total control of your job, we just step in to fill a much needed position in your company.

Feel free to contact me to work out a plan that best works for your company.

Note: Purchasing will mean more work for you, but, will enable you to keep your project running while you are doing other things. This service will only work if we have already worked with you to create your estimate/budget and you have already chosen your contractors/subcontractors.