Contract work

Today we went to a meeting with a medium sized siding/roofing contractor. We have done work for them in the past, doing take-offs for the houses and buildings they get in and have always worked on a per job system.

Today, we entered into a contract project that will take their reoccurring customers and set up a purchase ordering system for them.

This will be somewhat long-term, as there are several customers of theirs that we have to start with.

First, we have to create a database of houses and components per house, then we replicate that for each separate customer. This will allow them to see at a glance the necessary components they need to order per house, or job.

Then we need to make an accessory file for each one, so that they are able to order specific to the job they are working on. i.e., If they add a sun room, or expand the house, etc. These will be made so they can quickly put lists together to create a custom purchase order per job.

Of course, single jobs, custom homes and one time jobs will still be done via PlanSwift, but, the heart of their company will be easier to control, on this end as well as on their end.