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Bill and Irina Pridemore

Review: Dennis Fletcher

August 2, 2022 

Most people shop architects and/or draftsmen for best price. But with Dennis Fletcher you get the best of all worlds. Although he categorizes himself as a draftsman, with Dennis you get the creativity and knowledge of an architect, as well as the know-how of a draftsman. When analyzing a new home plan for me, he responded with exuberance and chess-like analysis, letting his thoughts flow onto the pages of my rough sketches. When finished I sat back and waited as he performed his magic in creating a permit-ready plan. All for the price of a deposit for a “creative” architect, who likely uses his draftsman to create the drawing. With Dennis you can make changes to the drawing without changing the contract, and you have someone with whom you can discuss what you like, rather than being told what you need (or don’t need).

I recommend Dennis whole-heartedly for the informed homeowners who want a say in their new creation. Not only is Dennis great at what he does, he’s a great person as well. Simply stated, you can’t do better than Dennis Fletcher when planning your new home. He’s the best.

Bill  and Irina Pridemore

Nicole P.

Strongly recommend Dennis Fletcher Design Studio, LLC. Dennis is super professional, extremely responsive and quickly provided excellent design services for my company. We are definitely looking forward to working with him again.

Justin P.

So I want to brag on my dear friend and designer of our new home, D.E. Fletcher at Dennis Fletcher Design Studio, LLC. He has been pretty amazing throughout the process of designing our home and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a custom home or other custom projects.

Dennis is very knowledgeable about the industry and has also been super helpful with other things concerning the build that don’t necessarily have to do with design.

This shows me that he cares about his clients every step of the way and his services don’t end at the design table.