House Styles & Regions

There are various house styles found across the United States, each with its own unique architectural characteristics and regional predominance. You may find every type of house in every corner of the United States, however, certain styles, for whatever reason, always gain the predominance of a region and then you begin to see variations of that style. Understand, these regions are only where you find a specific style most prominent, not the only place you will find that style.

Here is a short list of some notable house styles and their associated regions:


This style originated from the colonial period and is characterized by symmetrical design, steep roofs, and central chimneys. It is commonly found in the New England region, including states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.


Victorian houses are known for their ornate elements, intricate detailing, steep gables, and multiple roof lines. They can be found throughout the United States but are particularly prevalent in San Francisco, California, and the East Coast, including cities like Philadelphia and Boston.


Craftsman-style homes feature low-pitched roofs, deep eaves, exposed beams, and natural materials. They are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in states such as California, Oregon, and Washington.


Ranch-style houses are single-story with a long, low profile, open floor plans, and a simple design. They are popular across the United States, especially in suburban areas and regions like the Southwest and Midwest.

Cape Cod:

Cape Cod homes have a compact and symmetrical design with a steep roof, central chimney, and clapboard siding. They are mainly found in the New England region, particularly in Massachusetts and Cape Cod itself.


Tudor-style houses are known for their prominent steeply-pitched roofs, half-timbered exteriors, and decorative chimneys. They can be found in various parts of the United States, but are common in New York, New Jersey, and the Midwest.


Mediterranean-style homes often feature stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, arches, and Mediterranean-inspired details. They are most prevalent in regions with warm climates such as California, Florida, and the Southwest.

Mid-Century Modern:

Mid-Century Modern houses exhibit a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic with clean lines, large windows, and integration with nature. These homes can be found throughout the United States, with significant examples in California, particularly in Palm Springs.


Georgian-style homes have a symmetrical design, brick or stone exteriors, and classical elements. These houses are commonly found along the Eastern seaboard, particularly in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia.

Southern Plantation:

Southern Plantation-style homes feature grand facades, extensive columned porches, and large windows. They are prevalent throughout the Southern states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Note that these styles are not limited to specific regions, and it is common to find various house styles in all parts of the United States. Moreover, regional preferences and architectural influences can result in different variations and combinations of these styles in different locations.

Let us know what your favorite house type is, and if you have a picture of it, share it with us.