Understanding where you are, planning for where you want to be, designing the path to help you get there!

You deserve to have a home centered around who you are, how you live, work, and play, no matter the size or budget. You deserve the best home and the best design! Let us help you see the possibilities!

Are you looking to design a custom home, or trying to decide if you should, click here, fill out the form, Then scroll down. Let me help you understand the process and the benefits.

Why a custom home is right for you

I have 2 books out to help you, the homeowner, understand what to focus on and how to understand the beginning phases of designing your new home and how to understand the complicated world of estimating/budgeting and scheduling the construction of your new home.

The Ultimate Custom Home: Designing the Perfect Home for Homeowners

The Ultimate Custom Home: A Guide to Budgeting and Scheduling

Home Optimization

Terry came to us with a problem. He felt like his family needed more room. With all of the changes in his family structure, they were growing and their current home wouldn’t have enough room for everyone to live and work.

The entire family didn’t want to move, they loved their house and the area they lived in. They didn’t want to change their address, they wanted to change the house, but didn’t know where to start.

Terry’s situation is common. Not knowing what to do with the current home, but knowing that change is needed. We can come in, work with you and help you create change in your current home that will enable you to love where you live all over again.

We can help you decide if a renovation, remodel or addition will be right for you and your family.

Custom Design

Ronny & Linda knew they would need to build a new home soon. There current situation had become cramped, the location wasn’t ideal and they were finally at a place they could create their home.

They didn’t know where to start or what the process should look like. They just knew it was time.

We came alongside Ronny & Linda and gave them the information they needed to find the right lot and to begin the search for the right contractor.

We worked with them and listened to them to find out what the right house would look like for them, how it would flow and how it would form to their needs and desires.

Today, they live in a house that they love and that they were a part of creating, from beginning to end.

I am a Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) and a Chapter Chair of the Eastern Shore Chapter.

Dennis Fletcher – AIBD Eastern Shore Chapter Chair

What can we do to help you achieve your dreams? How can we come alongside you and ensure that you are able to go through the process with less stress and a home you want?

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