An extension of your company

As an outsourcing service, I strive to create an atmosphere of professionalism. Working towards the goal of becoming an extension of your company so that you do not have to worry about jobs not being completed. As an extension of your company, I do my best to help you grow and succeed, because if you grow and succeed, so do I.

Accurate quantity take-offs and Professional services.

With DFDS by your side, you have the tools at your disposal to land more jobs because you can complete more estimates. You save time, money and labor by getting professional help to plan ahead.

You can choose from the following services:

Quantity Take-off Services

By breaking the project down into the material lists that you need, we can significantly decrease the time it takes for you to price out a job.

You can choose what materials you want to take off and we will generate a list that you can send out.

If you already have staff that does your cost estimating, this may be a way to free up their time and allow them to search for the best prices, or the best subcontractors.

Cost Estimating

Maybe you are looking to get the project estimated completely and you don’t have the staff or the time to do it. I can help. I can set you up with pricing and by working with you, I can help you obtain prices and subcontractor proposals.

Since every location is different, this requires that we collaborate at first to pick the right vendors and subcontractors.

Plans remain confidential and are never shared with other companies.

A recap on why you should work with me.

  1. I can help streamline your estimating process by enabling you and your staff to work more efficiently and be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  2. It allows you to bid more jobs in a shorter amount of time. This will significantly increase your chances of winning more bids.
  3. As an extension of your company, your need to hire new staff is reduced. You no longer have to incur the costs of hiring a full time employee when you only need their services on and off.

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