Construction Documents are the visual representation of the structure you are going to have built. Construction Specifications are the written representation of materials and options you are going to include in your build.

Elevation drawings convey the style of the house and the materials used on the exterior and can also aid in height requirements.

Custom home design can be for both homeowners and contractors. We offer many levels of design, but they are all tailored to you getting a custom home the way you want it.

A homeowner may want to get their new home or addition designed and ready to be built, so they can get estimates from contractors, whereas a contractor may need these to get the necessary permits and subcontractor quotes so they have an accurate budget and know that they are following whatever local codes are required.

3D floor plan to help visualize the flow of the house.

We utilize multiple CAD programs to best fulfill your needs in construction documents and visual representations. A small addition, or deck, may only require some simple 2 dimensional drawings to get the permit and to instruct the builder on what needs done, but a larger project, such as a custom house, may require 3 dimensional pictures to show different views and function.

We are able to manufacture construction documents for all aspects of residential construction, from additions to custom homes.

Floor Plans allow you to see the space sizes and also aid the framers to maintain the size and space required.

Larger projects, depending on the area you are in, may require a licensed Architect or professional engineers stamp. The size varies from one location to another. These stamps will be your responsibility to obtain, however, we can work with the Architect or engineer to get the drawings ready for stamps.

Foundation plans are included in the basic permit package and lay the foundation for a successful project. Without these drawings, there is no way to correctly lay out your house.

Once the drawings are ready for permit, we don’t just stop working with you. Often the local permitting office will have specific comments they want addressed based on their interpretation of the codes. We will complete the required comments/corrections based on their correspondence to you. This means we make sure that you are able to get through the permit stage with minimal issues.

Once you are actually building the structure, we can be available for phone calls regarding any field issues that cannot be addressed and figured out on site.

3D elevations help see size and location of all places, including those hidden spots that are hard to see on 2D drawings. This allows you to see issues before they become issues.

Note: We are not a licensed Architect or Engineer and therefore, cannot supply you with any stamps required by your local planning and zoning or permit office. We will work with them to get your project complete, should you require one. However, you are responsible for the location and hiring of any professional stamp services.